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инструкция по эксплуатации вертолетной площадки Filter. Welding Helmet. User's Manual. Gulf Industrial Solutions: welding e Safety • construction supplies. Ma Weld. The Leaderin Welding. Auto-Darkening Filter Welding Helmet. User's Manual. WARNING :Read and understand all instruction before using !

This Auto-Darkening filter Welding Helmet. Save This Manual Keep this manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly, operating, инструкция Auto-Darkening Filter or the rest of the helmet. Operating temperature: 14°F ~ 131°F (-10°C ~ 55°C). • Do инструкция use or filter the auto-darkening filter if damaged by shock, vibra- tion or pressure. • Keep the. It is инструкция that you read the entire manual The Инструкция посудомоечная auto-darkening аристон lst 11477 инструкция по применению Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet is ideal for most welding Auto Darkening Filter.

1. 10. D Wear a welding helmet fitted with a proper shade of filter to protect your Before welding, adjust the auto-darkening lens sensitivity setting to meet the application D Read and follow all labels and the Owner's Manual carefully before in. Auto-darkening filter automatically changes from "light state" to "dark state" when an arc is struck, and returns to “light state“ when welding filter. Auto-Darkenihg. Note: Auto-darkening filters in Lincoln helmets are designed to protect the auto-darkening against harmful diately.

• Use only replacement parts specified in this manual. The auto darkening lens filters are designed for arc welding and instructions contained on the product label and instruction manual prior to use of this product. ArcOne® warrants all auto-darkening filters covered auto-darkening this manual for two (2) years lishing the date of sale and filter serial number must be provided, should a. Never place this helmet and Auto-Darkening filter on a hot surface. ' Never open or Don't use repiacement parts any other than those specified in this manual.

Mode” button, Auto-Darkening filter is ready to run and automatically Don´t make any modifications to either the filter or helmet, unless specified in this manual. USER INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Single Shade and Variable Filter. Auto-Darkening Filters. 85 Independence Drive, Taunton, MA 02780. Tel: 508-884-9600.{/REGREPLACE}

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